Handbrille – Luxury for eye and everyday life

What is a Handbrille?

The hand-held glasses named Handbrille (german word for glasses in your hand) have been designed to make people’s everyday life easier and more beautiful. With ordinary reading glasses you have the problem that you either wear them or take them off and then put them back when you need them. The hand-goggles are made for the moment, or for the many moments of the day, when we have to see something sharp, without having a long reading need. The situations are as varied as their everyday life: when reading price tags, deciphering product labels, just look up a recipe, look at the mobile phone, the card in the restaurant … the possibilities with beautifying your everyday life with To simplify are infinite.


Already in the nineteenth century there was a pair of glasses with a stalk called the Lorgnon, which was invented precisely for those purposes, for a moment to see something sharp or read something fast.


Handbrille are not only a means to an end, but they also impress with their attractive shape and design, because they are worn around a beautiful necklace or ribbon around the neck and become an exclusive fashion accessory.


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